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Protocol and Etiquette in India

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Protocol and Etiquette in India


What is etiquette? Is it different from protocol and good manners? How important is it in today’s world? Does one have to be taught or can one learn on their own? What is the right age to start teaching etiquette to children? Does it enhance a person’s qualifications and improve job prospects? How important is it for success in one’s profession or business? Does it help in making friends and influencing people? Is it relevant for those who live alone, have no family or friends and never go to parties? Is it as important in the home as in the work place? Does it improve family relationships? Will it make you a better human being?

You will find answers to some of these important questions in this excellently researched book.

Also, how often have you searched for answers to some of these questions:

  • Can a divorced woman continue to use the name of her ex-husband?
  • In invitation cards, should a woman’s name precede that of her husband?
  • Can titles such as Sir and Madam be used along with the name?
  • Can military officers continue to use their ranks after retirement?
  • If you want to know someone’s name, is it correct to ask “What is your good name?”
  • Can one say Good Morning or Good Evening when bidding farewell?”
  • What is the difference between enunciation and pronunciation?
  • What is the difference between ‘excuse me’, ‘beg your pardon’ and ‘I am sorry’?
  • What exactly is ‘small talk’? Is it the same as gossip?
  • During a meal at a restaurant or club, does the waiter serve from the left or right?
  • During a dinner party, are brandy and liqueurs served before or after the meal?
  • What is the difference between luncheon and lunch?
  • What is the difference between a sherwani and an achkan?
  • On a flight, can occupants of window and aisle seats use the hand rests of the middle seat?
  • When watching a play in a theatre, is it okay to clap during the performance?

Find out all this and more in this book! Use the skills to get ahead in your personal as well as your professional life.

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