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  • This ununsual and interesting illustrated book uses a simple yet effective method to teach young children the Hindi alphabet in a fun manner that is easy for them to remember, spell, speak and use. The book is just as useful for language teachers and instructors to refer to in the classroom to make language learning innovative and effective.
  • This book provides a detailed account of the Indo-Pak War of 1965 as maintained in the Indian government's military history records. It is being made available to the public for the first time after the declassification of sensitive military records in 2005. These records include war diaries, maintained by the units and higher formations of the Indian Armed Forces, notes of officers who fought in the war, interviews, accounts as learnt from Generals on both sides, official reports, journals and gazetteers.
  • This is the full story of the military operations in Jammu and Kashmir during 1947-48, undertaken to save that Princely state, which had acceded to the Union of India, from a brutal invasion from Pakistan. The year long campaign saw many triumphs and tragedies, which are narrated objectively and in detail. The Indian Army and Air Force, just emerging from the throes of Partition, and still in the process of reorganisation, emerged from this ordeal with added brilliance and a brighter halo. It is an inspiring saga of heroism, devotion to duty, scarifice and professional competence. Based on careful and exhaustaive research in secret government records, the book analyses the operations and presents the story  in simple, non-technical langauge. It should prove invaluable for the intelligensia, the journalist, the reading public as well as the man in uniform.    
  • This is a collector's edition of two of Ruskin Bond's favourite books in one upside down edition! "Tales for all Time" brings together "A Garland of Memories"  which is a collection of biographical short stories with "Indian Folktales Retold" which is an interesting retelling of India's famous folktales. In vintage Bond style, expect this collection to make you smile, laugh and cry.
  • In this volume the author, the then GOC, Indian Peackeeping Force ( IPKF) gives a first hand account of the initial induction and operations of the IPKF in Sri Lanka. He describes the trials and tribulations of the IPKF as it grappled with an operational situation inexorably tangled with politics. The IPKF went in as peacekeepers, with the responsibility to disarm the LTTE, if necessary by force, and maintain law and order. But clear cut orders regarding possible IPKF action against the LTTE were never issued. Therefore, when the time came to fight the LTTE the IPKF found itself as a disadvantage. This compelling narrative is an important addition to the extensive literature on the IPKF in Sri lanka.     Sold under Exclusive Distribution with Manohar
  • The Battle of Chhamb is considered to be the fiercest, bloodiest, most intense and decisive battle of the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi termed it as the 'toughest'. Pakistan had amassed a very large and formidable force under 23 Infantry Division for their offensive; it comprised five infantry brigades, one armoured brigade and 31 artillery batteries. in fact the artillery employed by Pakistab in the Chhamb sector was more than they had to defend themselves in East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh). This battle holds lessons for India even today and the book is of interest to anyone who wants to know more about the history of South Asia.     Sold in exclusive distrubition with Manohar
  • This book is a major definitive work on the mammals of India. The range of all the species have been mapped in full colour. The style of presentation of range maps is different from all the other mammal books published so far in India. The text is supported by photographs, maps and illustrations, followed by an exhaustive list of references.   Title through Distribution;  
  • Admirably illustrated, this book completes David Attenborough's great exploration of the world's main animal groups. He shows us the lives of amphibians and reptiles in all the fascinating detail we have come to expect from him. A tresure trove for everyone - from the child seeing flying dragons or man-eating crocodiles for the first time to the professional zoologist realising that there is still much to learn." - Philip Rainbow, Natural History Museum, London   Published by Princeton University Press; Distribution title with Natraj
  • My India

    In My India, Jim Corbett gives us a glimpse into a life spent amongst village folk in the summer seat of British Imperial India, then known as the United Provinces (now Uttarakhand). Unlike his classic works about jungle and wildlife lore - where he recounts famous hunts in the midst of India's diverse and rich wildlife habitats— here Corbett sheds light on the India that he adored passionately for its 'simple and hardworking souls' who enriched his life. India was then on the cusp of crucial international and national movements. This book is a tribute to the charming characters who would otherwise not have appeared in the pages of history had Corbett not written about them here and made them unforgettable and immortal. Join Corbett as he takes you through the remote trails of villages in the foothills of the Himalaya introducing you to endearing stories of resilience, loyalty, and fortitude.
  • This book examines the Sino-Vietnamese conflicts of the late 1970s and 1980s, attemtpting to understand them as strategic, operational and tactical events. The Sino-Vietnamese War was the Third Indochina War, and contemporary South Asia cannot be properly understood unless we acknowledge that the Vietnamese fought three, not two, wars to establish their current role in the region. The war was not about the Sino-Vietnamese border, as frequently claimed, but about China's support for its Cambodian ally, the Khmer Rouge, and this book addresses both US and ASEAN involvement in the effort to support the regime. Although the Chinese completed their troop withdrawal in March 1979, they retained their strategic goal of driving Vietnam out of Cambodia at least until 1988, but it was evident by 1984-85 that the Chinese army, held back by the drag of its "Maoist" organisation, doctrine, equipment, and personnel, was not an effective instrument of coercion.
  • "A first-rate collection of essays shedding light on the factors underlying the Russo-Georgian war of August 2008. The war itself and its political aftermath are also discussed in illuminating fashion." - John B Dunlop, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution   Sale in exclsuive arrangement with Taylor and Francis
  • "Operational art lies at the intermediate level between strategy and tactics; its purpose is to orchestrate tactical manoevre and battles - typically in one thatre of war - in order to attain strategic objectives. Operational art has been somewhat less well understood than the other levels, and so this study of its evolution is of great value to improving that understanding." - Gen Sir Mike Jackson   Sale in exclusive arrangment with Oxford University Pres
  • Ranjit Singh

    Sinha's work brings together a mass of information on Ranjit Singh as a soldier, a great diplomat and an exemplary statesman. After the collapse of the Mughal Dynasty, Ranjit Singh, founder of the Sikh rule in Punjab, steered his ambition to expand Sikh power in the face of Afghans in North West India and the British East India Company. The book gives a detailed account of how Ranjit Singh navigated his relationship with the Afghans on the one hand and his Indian and British neighbours ( The East India Company) on the other. The author also meticulously lays out information on the government, institutions and policies under the rule of Ranjit Singh, inclduing an estimate of the Sikh military system. The Sikhs formed one of the most formidable mlitary powers in India.
  • " The 1979 China-Vietnam War had important consequences for Southeast Asia but has received little attention in the West. Using a variety of official sources from the governments of the United States, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the UN, as well as a host of books and scholarly journals, Hood has put together an account that seeks, as he writes in the introduction, '(to) be easily understood by the informed nonspecialist, and yet enlighten the Asian scholar or specialist in conflict studies seeking greater understanding of this ongoing power struggle." The book does exactly that, in a most effective manner...An excellent selection for academic and larger public libraries." -    Library Journal
  • The Doon Valley, distinguished by its singular beauty and by the excllence of its many instuttions has won for itself a place of pre-eminence in the history of India. While its origins as a habitation are shrouded in the mists of time, it holds a place in folklore, legend and mythology. It appears firmly rooted in chronicled history only late in the sixteenth century. Thereafter myths  give way to real historical figures and their combats with clash of steel and the bark of muskets as they strive for possession of this fertile valley. Replete with delightful anecdotes and lavish in its praise of the natural beauty of the valley, this book is a perfect addition to every Doon lover's bookshelf.
  • Patrol

    A superb novel about the men who fought in the North African Campaign. Major Tim Sheldon is an infantry officer in North Africa. He has been on many patrols. Now they've asked him to go on one more - the longest and most dangerous of all.  He could beg off, but he wont... This is the story of Sheldon and his squad, of their nightmare war of lost nerves. In this book, you will meet men not unlike other men except they are at war, and lost, and alone. And you will witness the workings of a certain quality, a human mystery that makes men rise to things they never thought they could do. This book is about that one attribute.  
  • Liddell Hart set out to cover T E Lawrence and the Arab Revolt but as his research grew and his interaction with Lawrence increased, so did the scope of this remarkable biography. What emerged was a man of reflection, of action, liked by many and disliked by many - but as Liddell Hart writes, that is true for any outstanding figure of his time and Lawrence did stand tall, in all that he achieved and in the decisions he took. And what binds both categories of viewpoints on Lawrence is a common admiration for him. The book talks about his achievements, character, and qualities of leadership. It is a testimony to his transcendent powers. Since Liddell Hart is a military historian, the book is a parallel account of the psychology of a warrior, with timeless lessons for officers today.
  • Travel back to lesser known, but vitally important chapters of India's war history dating from the 13th century to the 19th century in this expansive book. The author, an armed forces veteran and scholar, carefully selects befitting battles and explains their importance not just in India's history but also India's present. Filled with interesting diagrams and fascinating maps, this book provides great lessons and insights for today's strategists and leaders, whether in the military or outside. It is also a historian's delight as it revisits an unexamined past with great flair and high quality analysis.
  • This is the bare act in both the languages - Hindi and english - running alongside for easy reference.
  • Advances in technology have set the stage for a major shift in how we fight wars and gather intelligence. Drones - cheap and plentiful - are poised to support and, in some cases, supplant current weapons, at a fraction of the cost. Not everyone is convinced. How can small drones with limited battery life stay in the air long enough to achieve anything on a strategic scale? And how can anything so small make an impact? But with new tchnology that allows drones to draw energy from the environment and swarms of thousands of drones acting together, their impact is anything but small. From anti-personnnel weapons to miniature demolition devices and high-temperature incendiaries, new technology is making small drones into true engines of destruction. The high cost of miliary aircraft, the rise of biomimetic technology, advances in the science of swarming behaviour - all of these are leading us to a future where drone swarm rules the skies. "Swarm Troopers" will show you what that future looks like and explore whether or not we''ll be ready for both the opportunities and threats it may bring.
  • This unique and gorgeously produced book is composed of 108 paintings on acrylic as a humble attempt by eminent artists to bring out in a nutshell the devotion, philosophy and lyrical essence of the epic that sends out the message  of love, sacrifice and valour, depicting the classic along with the corresponding verses and their plain Hindi and English versions. The beauty of the artwork in tones of blue and orange bring out the story of the epic page by page. The book is a must have in every home and an ideal gift for loved ones.
  • This book is as much an inspirational story of the growth of Cashpor Micro Credit from its humble beginnings to how it has gradually empowered women across te states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh as it is about the vision and dedication of its Founder and Chairman, David S Gibbons.
  • This edition marks the 120th Birth Anniversary Edition of this little gem on leadership that makes for mandatory reading for defence personnel across the world. The first section focuses on "Psychology and Morale" with ten chapters on the development of military psychology and how it is applied to morale, moral education, discipline and military values. Morale, accordingly to Copeland is the 'secret weapon' and he insists that 'physical superiority is not as important as moral superoirity." How then can this most desirable of human qualities be acquired? According to Copeland, it depends 'on an incalculable number of factors', the first and strongest of which he considers is good leadership. The seond section of this enlightening and well researched book talks about "psychology and leadership" - these next ten chapters focus on the role of the leader in the training and education of military individuals and units. Leadership is a way of life, acording to Copeland.
  • Immensely popular as a reference text for entrance examinations for over three decades, the book is an ideal companion to current events from around the globe. The book covers a gamut of subjects like sports, science, economics, and defence news. It also has a political section that critically examines national and international politics. This year the book has a section on the Russia Ukraine War. The book also carries a section on people who have mades across the world. Unbiased and well researched, the book is your trusted companion to developing an opinion on the world around you.