FAQs - Independent Indian Publishing House


I cannot see a book online.2020-05-21T15:42:27+05:30

Email us to enquire about it. It may be out of print or under print. We shall give you the updated status.

The price of a book is different from what I have.2020-05-25T06:35:49+05:30

Prices of books alter with each edition. The website has the updated price as you see it.

I need permission to carry an excerpt or quote from a publication.2020-05-25T06:35:45+05:30

Please email the details of the book, which extract you want to quote, where and why. We shall revert on the same as soon as possible.

We are looking for serial/film rights for a publication.2020-05-25T06:35:42+05:30

Please send the details on an email, about your firm, the project and the book or story you are interested in. We shall check with the author and revert.

We would like to interview the author about a book.2020-05-25T06:35:39+05:30

We shall be glad to organise a meeting, telephone call, or a video chat with our authors for Press and the Media. Please contact us at sales@natrajbooks.in and we can connect you.